5 Reasons Why You Should Demolish and Rebuild Your Home

Owning a home in Melbourne is a dream for most, but what is even more valuable is the land that it sits on. With the population growing by the second, gaining ownership of a piece of land these days is the key to the future. Here’s the thing, just because there might be a house already on that land, doesn’t mean it has to stay like that. In the new age of the ‘home renovation frenzy’, a lot of homeowners are realising that renovation isn’t always the answer. Sometimes to maximise the potential of your land, and its investment, it’s better to demolish and rebuild your home from scratch.

Not only does this give you the chance to design your dream home, but it also takes away the stress of finding a new home, plus saves you money on the expenses of moving. The potential to achieve your dream home on your current property is more than possible with the right help. The best help you will find will come from a reputable Melbourne home builder, one with experience in home designs, and in maximising the potential of valued land.

If you’re considering what to do with the home you currently own, we explore 5 reasons why you should demolish and rebuild your home, instead of moving or renovating.

Love Where You Live

They say it’s all about location, so if you already own a house in an optimal area for your circumstances, (but can’t stand the house you live in), why not consider demolishing and rebuilding the house you’ve always dreamed of? A lot of people will simply tolerate the house they buy, purely for its ideal location, but knocking it to the ground and restarting is always an option. There is no point living in a house that you don’t love, when the neighbourhood surrounding it is your dream come true, so why not have the best of both worlds?

Home Renovation Nightmares

Often homes that are sold these days have been around since last century, and home renovation problems are an endless merry-go-round with crumbling pipes, dodgy electrical circuitry and even rotting stumps. The best thing to do with a renovation nightmare of a house, is to knock it the ground and start again. For the work (and cost) involved in restoring the foundations of your house, you could be living in a brand-new home, minus the headache of constant maintenance and renovation. Many homeowners are choosing this path, instead of forking out tens of thousands of dollars each year, to bring their current home up to scratch.

Modern Home Design And The Environment

These days it’s all about modernisation, ensuring your home is ergonomically optimised, and is as eco-friendly as possible. To achieve these goals, demolishing your old home and rebuilding to suit, is an ideal option. Discuss with your custom home builder about using eco-friendly, sustainable building materials in the construction of your home, and the inclusion of features such as natural lighting, solar panels and energy efficient light bulbs. You can achieve your modern dream home right where you currently live with a home rebuild.

Optimise Your Home

Time changes many things, along with our need for more space in our homes. By demolishing and rebuilding a new home on your property, you can achieve the extra space your family needs as it grows. Rebuilding allows you to completely rethink the entire layout of your home, optimising the size of your land as it suits you, not how it came when you bought it. Rebuilding allows for limitless design options, ideas and inspirations, giving you the homeowner the chance to have that larger kitchen, extra bathroom, and outdoor entertainment area you’ve always dreamed of, all at once.

Investment Opportunity

For homes that sit on larger blocks of land, subdivision is also an investment option to consider. Demolishing your current home and dividing your land into sections to be sold, can make quite a profit in today’s market. Rebuilding a smaller home and selling half (or more depending on its size) of your land, can make homeowners a profit that both finances their build, and puts extra money in their pockets. For those that wish to downsize their home, this is a particularly ideal option as opposed to selling the house and land as a whole and having to move elsewhere.

When Rebuilding Just Makes Sense

Selling up and moving house can be a headache in itself, without having to find the right area, the right house with features that suit all your needs, the right neighbours… If you already have the land in the area you want, but the house is lacking the comforts and lifestyle features you desire, then consider demolishing your old house and building a new home that you love. Talk to a professional home builder about your ideas for rebuilding your dream home the way you’ve always wanted it.

If you’re looking to rebuild your home or don’t know where to start, get in touch with our friendly staff at Yorcon today.

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