Home Extensions For Every Budget Range

There will come a time when you’ll need another room or a bit of extra space in your home. Either because your family is growing, or you want a dedicated home office to increase your productivity. It could also be because you want to maximise your lot and add rooms to make your everyday life more comfortable. Whatever the case, house extension builders offer a great solution.

In Melbourne, home extensions are more cost-effective than moving to a bigger property. This is because you can easily achieve the extra room you need without uprooting your family.  A home extension also comes with options. Since you’re working with the space you already have, you can choose from multiple routes to achieve desired results without blowing your budget.

The cost of a house extension in Australia ranges from $2,000 to $15,000 per square metre. However, keep in mind that factors like construction type, project size and materials can affect the project cost. To help get your project planning off to a great start, we’ll give you a sneak peek of the best house extension ideas for every budget range that could suit your needs:

Go for Affordable Home Extension Projects

Some types of extensions are generally less costly than others. Here are some of them:

  • Small rear extension

A rear extension is a perfect way to create extra living space that better suits your lifestyle. Imagine having a new and bigger entertainment room for the entire family. You can also go for an open-plan layout to make the space more adaptable to you and your family’s needs. A charming space with cosy and sleek sofas matched with a rustic-industrial dining table can quickly turn from a family room into a small party area whenever you have guests at home.

An open-plan room complete with kitchen and lounging area—a perfect house extension idea

This extension can take around 20 square metres of your backyard, making it a $40,000-project or higher depending on the fixtures, finishes, and other details. You can even reduce the cost by working with extension builders in Melbourne who can source top-quality materials at reasonable prices and maximise each of those materials to achieve your vision.

  • Simple attic conversion

Don’t have much space in your backyard for an additional room? Look up. Your attic can be converted into a new room. But first, measure it up. The Building Code requires habitable space to have at least 2.2 metres of height clearance in at least two-thirds of the area.

If the measurement checks out, the next step is to hire the right builder. Although affordable, attic conversions may come with different challenges. It’s a must to hire an experienced team to check the load-bearing capacity of your rafters or trusses and ensure the entire space is suitable for conversion. They can also help you secure the necessary permissions. 

Once the technical details are addressed, go and have fun planning the design. An attic that works as a small art studio or a cosy bedroom for your pre-teen sounds amazing! Work closely with your builder to ensure every design element you think of is suitable for the attic. 

Choose House Extension Ideas for Mid-range Budgets

Want to take your house extension project up a notch? Got an extra budget for a new kitchen or bathroom plumbing? Here are a couple of ideas suitable for mid-range budgets:

    • Expanded kitchen through a side return extension

If you have a small, narrow kitchen tucked away from the living area, you also probably have an L-shaped garden and a strip of land at the side of your property. That strip of land is called side return and can be a great area to have a larger, more functional kitchen.

A modern kitchen design that can fit your side return extension project.

At the time of a global pandemic, it’s a must to have a spacious kitchen. It allows you to spend more days cooking at home rather than eating out every dinner. A large kitchen would motivate you to be more experimental with your cooking. Imagine all the additional space you’ll have for your baking essentials, spices, and new cooking equipment. So, reclaim the side return and create an expanded kitchen without sacrificing both your living area and garden.

  • Bungalow extension with a glazed walkway

A bungalow offers a great living experience for newly married couples or partners with a single child. However, when your family is growing or when you’re welcoming extended family members into your home, a bungalow can feel small and cramped. If you don’t have a budget yet to turn your house into a two-storey property, but you have a garage you can convert, here’s an idea: convert the garage into a functional space, then connect it to the bungalow.

One way to link a garage conversion to the original house is by building a glazed walkway. That can make your bungalow look and feel spacious and modern. That’s also a great solution if you live in a property where a solid link would be inappropriate or not permitted.

Go All Out with a Large-Scale House Extension Project

With a bigger budget, you can make large-scale house extension ideas in Australia a reality. Take a look at these ideas to get inspired:

  • Large rear extension for a spacious kitchen and extra bathroom

If you have a big budget and large backyard space, you can go all out with a large rear extension project. Expand your rear kitchen into a huge space complete with lounging zones and a bathroom, too! You can even enclose this new area with sliding or French doors to make the transition to your garden seamless—a look that successfully brings the outside in.

A kitchen with a sliding door that transitions to the backyard

Kitchen and bathroom extensions are some of the most challenging projects since they include major plumbing and electrical work. So make sure to work with experienced extension builders. They’ll help you overcome technical and architectural challenges with ease. Plus, they will utilise your big budget to its full potential, creating a new space in your home that will make modern life more comfortable and luxurious for your family today and in the next few years.

  • Expansive basement conversion

Converting a basement is arguably one of the most expensive ways to create extra space at home. It requires you to add flooring, plaster the walls, boost structural support, waterproof the area, and do a lot of plumbing, gas, and electrical work. But with the right builders, an expansive basement conversion project will be well-worth your money. 

Imagine having a basement with a well-designed bedroom complete with a toilet, lounging area, home office corner, and lots of storage space. That doesn’t only give you and your family extra spaces to enjoy, but that can significantly increase the value of your property. 

When your family is ready to move to a bigger home, you can sell your current house at a considerably high price, making the basement conversion worth the money and effort you spent. 

Let Yorcon DO All the Work

At Yorcon, our mission is to create a home that reflects your vision for modern living. One way we achieve that is through cost-effective home extension. Count on our premier home extension builders in Melbourne to expand and add rooms that truly matter for your family. 

Plus, in every project we handle, we never cut corners. We’re proud that we never lose track of the traditional principles that have made us one of the trusted home builders in Australia

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