Townhouse Development

A stunning townhouse development project

We were very proud to complete this 4-townhouse development across a timeline of 10 months. The townhouses included hardwood floors, ceaser stone bench tops, custom kitchen and bathroom designs and outdoor entertaining areas. These are very beautiful and versatile living spaces, which is precisely how we pictured them from the first brief, suitable for professionals, couples or families. The houses were built to a high standard and the developers achieved a high sale price for the properties, so they were pleased with the outcome. 

The clients also appreciated everything from the larger design and structural work to the fine details and quality finishes. We have many more builds like this planned in the future and enjoyed this project. 

We really love a challenge like this because it offers freedom to design something completely new from the ground up. Taking the requirements of our developer clients  and their brief into account, we design properties that meet their expectations while still surprising them with something new, or something even better than they anticipated.

Whether you are a homeowner yourself, a landlord preparing a property for rent or a developer, such as this client, we believe your home should be your sanctuary, and every home and design is incredibly personal. Fortunately, with 15 years industry experience, we work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.

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Bring ideas to life with
contemporary design and traditional principles.