What To Consider When Building A Custom Home

Owning your own home is a dream for most Australians, and when the opportunity to do it arises, there are a lot of decisions to be made. While most people opt for pre-designed house and land packages, some want to be in control of designing of their dream home themselves, ensuring it includes all the comforts and luxuries they’ve ever desired in a house. There are pros and cons to both house and land packages and custom-built homes, but if you decide on the latter, there are a fair few things to consider.

Deciding to design your own home can be an exciting and rewarding process, but one that isn’t without its share of obstacles, combined with a lot of hard work and forethought. Many things can go wrong in a custom build, and often your best course of action is to investigate different custom home builders around Melbourne. Hiring a home builder around Melbourne can assist you in bringing your visions of a perfect home to fruition.

Research Home Builders

There are several home builders in Melbourne who will gladly take on your build, but how qualified are they to deliver exactly what you want? Doing some research into as many Melbourne home builders as you can, will only benefit you in the long run. Look at past customer reviews to get a good insight into their experience and workmanship. You need to be happy with your Melbourne home builder and be able to communicate your wishes, after all, you’ll be working alongside them throughout the build so establishing a good working relationship is vital.

Have A Flexible Budget

Obviously, you can’t have everything you want unless it fits within your budget. Talk to your bank and see what options you have, and how far you can stretch your budget. Custom builds aren’t cheap, especially if you want all the trimmings, plus personalised extras. Talk to your home builder about your budget, and your plans for your home and see if they align. Can the home builders you have chosen include all the features you want, working within the budget you have? It is also best to have a little extra up your sleeve for pop up problems along the way that may end up blowing the budget.

Be Realistic With Your Design

Yes, it’s your dream home, but consider what you want against what you can afford, and what is practical to the space you have. Trying to include a bowling alley and cinema room may sound amazing, but can you include them within the proportions of your home? Prioritise first with the main rooms and functions you need, before attempting to include the features you want. There is no use having a bowling lane in the middle of your house if you have to sacrifice the guest bedroom, (unless you don’t mind Grandma sleeping on the couch in the future).

Consider The Future Of Your Investment

Before your home is built, there might be some features you want to include now, that will contribute to a better investment for the future. The inclusion of options such as heated floors, soundproof walls, and solar panels, will all increase the value of your home if you want to sell up, down the track.

Eco-Friendly Options

Considering the state of the planet, more homeowners are wanting to include as many environmentally friendly elements into their home build as possible. Features such as pre-mentioned solar panels, the use of as much natural lighting where possible, and the use of recycled materials, can all contribute to a cleaner environment. Talk to your chosen home builder about incorporating eco-friendly options into your future home that will benefit you, and the environment. Even the position of your home on your block needs to be taken into account, optimising the use of the sun for solar panels, natural lighting, and natural heating and cooling. There are also a variety of eco-friendly insulation options to consider discussing with your custom home builder.

Be Logical

Have your financial situation well established before making any decisions to avoid going over budget. While you may love the idea of gold toilet roll holders, your budget may not, so make sure to choose design features that not only look great, but that you can afford and are available.

Your Home Your Way

If you decide that a custom built home is the route you are going to take, begin planning every detail. Taking an already well thought out plan to an experienced home builder will help both parties come to an understanding of what is wanted, and what can actually be achieved. Don’t settle for inexperienced home builders to fulfill your custom dream home, work with an accredited home builder to ensure your future home is exactly as you envisioned.

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